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    Building together

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    Harper Construction Company, has a proud tradition of service as a General Contractor since 1974

    Harper Construction Company, headquartered in San Diego, brings over 42 years of local and national construction experience; with a reputation for delivering large and unique design-build projects ahead of schedule and on budget.  Our company has served clients and building owners for over four decades. In that time, we have found that the key to every project’s success is understanding the Owner’s needs and expectations and then exceeding those expectations. 

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    We Offer a Wide Range of Services

    From conception to completion, our entire team of estimators, designers, project managers and experienced executives make our clients’ needs a priority. We have experience in a wide variety of projects and delivery methods, and use both time-proven practices and cutting-edge techniques to make sure our customers’ projects meet their maximum potential.

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    We Take Pride In The Projects We've Done

    While our clients’ satisfaction is our primary metric for excellence, we have also been recognized with numerous awards over the years for safety, business practices, and design excellence. We are proud to be at the forefront of green building practices, with dozens of LEED-certified projects, many achieving silver, gold and even platinum LEED certification. We understand that projects represent not only buildings, but the plans for the future of our clients

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